Apple, China Mobile Deal May Be Coming Soon

Investors may be getting an early holiday present, as Apple and China's largest mobile carrier appear close to announcing a deal.

By Cadie Thompson

Apple may be about to finally announce a deal with China Mobile, the world's largest wireless carrier.

Posters leaked on Thursday show China Mobile may be getting ready for an advertising campaign to promote Apple's iPhone finally coming to its customers.

The posters, which were picked up by the website, show that China Mobile, which has about 700 million subscribers, is going to carry Apple's iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The posters also mention that the iPhone carried on China Mobile's network will be "the strongest iPhone" in China, supporting both 3G and 4G.

Investors have been waiting for a deal with China Mobile for some time now. Apple revealed its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at an event earlier this month, and it was widely speculated the company would also announce it would begin selling its flagship phone on the Chinese network. However, no deal was announced.

Both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C went on sale last Friday and set a record for opening weekend sales with 9 million units sold. That figure included both models of the iPhone sold in the U.S. and in China.

While Apple's sales figures impressed the Street, a deal with China Mobile could give the company's iPhone business a significant boost.

Some analysts speculate Apple will announce a deal with China Mobile in November, however, there are some whispers that news of a deal could come sooner.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to meet with activist investor Carl Icahn in New York on Monday. Cook's visit to New York has led some to speculate that he may also be about to make another announcement, possibly a deal with China Mobile.