Apple Dessert

From American apple pie to Russian apple pancakes, here are 5 delicious recipes from across the globe.

Joseph De Leo

Summer is officially over. And while this change in season will be experienced by many as a moment of loss—no more fresh raspberries, no more beach weekends, no more Summer Fridays—it is also a moment of excitement. Squash, potatoes, cabbages, root vegetables perfect for roasting…and apples, apples, apples. Ask any American what their favorite apple dessert is, and—especially if they are a good citizen—they will likely answer apple pie. But long before Americans were debating the merits of closed-top versus lattice-top, the Europeans had been baking with apples for centuries. From the French tarte tatin to Austrian apfelstrudel to Dutch appeltaart, the apple has made more than a mere cameo in baking the whole world over. With so many different desserts to explore, the end of summer might not be such a bad thing after all. Don’t get wistful for summer—get hungry for fall.

To inspire you for fall baking, here are 5 apple dessert recipes:

American Apple Pie by Marion Cunningham This is the classic apple pie, the one that everyone remembers with fond nostalgia, and the one that lives up to that memory.

Viennese Apple Strudel by Victoria Blashford-Snell and Brigitte Hafner Warm chunks of apple, plump raisins, and a touch of rum all rolled up in delicate, flaky pastry.

Baked Apple Tart by Dorie Greenspan This French tart features stovetop-caramelized apples, almond cream, and a perfectly crunchy crust. Ooh la la.

Bolognese Polenta and Apple Cake by Jamie Oliver One of the most famous desserts of San Marino, Italy, this cake, also called a bustrengo, is reminiscent of France’s famous clafoutis but made with cornmeal, breadcrumbs, and apples.

Russian Apple Pancakes by Naomi Duguid and Jeffery Alford These Russian pancakes, called olad’ye, are thick and yeasty but still light and airy—a perfect end to any meal.

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