Apple Reconsiders Policy on Weed Apps

Apple is getting on board with legalized marijuana. The company reversed a decision Friday to ban a social platform for weed users from iTunes, said MassRoots founder Isaac Dietrich. “A few hours ago, an Apple representative called to notify us that our efforts were successful: The App Store is permitting cannabis social apps that are geo-restricted to the 23 states that have legalized medicinal cannabis,” he said. MassRoots campaigned to be added back to iTunes after Apple pulled it two weeks ago. In a blog post, MassRoots vowed to comply with Apple’s geo-restriction policy. “A tremendous amount of responsibility has just been placed on MassRoots,” it said. “We have a duty to show the world that cannabis consumption can be done in a safe and responsible manner in compliance with state laws and federal enforcement guidelines. We do not take this task lightly.”