Apple’s China Supplier Denies Report of Dangerous Conditions for Workers

An Apple supplier in Suqian, China, accused of exposing workers to dangerous and unclean conditions has denied the allegations, which came to light following an undercover investigation from New York worker-safety watchdog China Labor Watch. The findings published this week accuse Catcher Technology Co. Ltd. of forcing employees—who make iPhone and MacBook parts—to produce the technology in a polluted, loud environment for more than 10 hours at a stretch, while housing them in small and disgusting living quarters. Catcher said an internal investigation into the issue “verified that none of the claims are accurate,” but that it had already decided to upgrade the dormitories because it was “driven to enhance the living standard for our employees.” An Apple spokesperson said on Wednesday, “We remain dedicated to doing all we can to protect the workers in our supply chain and make a positive impact on the environment.”