Apple Takes Down Vast Majority of Alex Jones’ Podcasts

Apple has confirmed it has taken down the majority of Alex Jones’ Infowars work from iTunes and its podcast apps. The news came as Facebook announced early Monday that it was removing four pages belonging to Jones; last week, some of the Infowars host’s podcasts were removed by Spotify. Apple said it removed the entire library for five of Jones’ six Infowars podcasts, including the shows War Room and the daily The Alex Jones Show. Only one program provided by Infowars, RealNews With David Knight, was left on Apple’s services by Sunday night, according to reports. Facebook suspended the radio and internet host’s personal profile for 30 days in late July for what it said was bullying and hate speech. The conspiracy theorist has claimed that the Sept. 11 terror attacks on New York and Washington were staged by the government and promoted a theory that the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school massacre was faked by left-wing forces to promote gun control.