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April’s Best Viral Videos

From the Lion King cast performing impromptu on a plane to an epic April Fool’s Day prank,’ here’s our countdown of this month’s buzziest videos.

10. Game of Goats

Think ‘The Red Wedding,’ farmland style. Every new season of HBO’s popular Game of Thrones seems to bring with it a host of cover versions of the sweeping theme song. This version manages to capture the drama far better than any other—by adding screaming goats.

9. Kicked in the Head by a Train

These nine seconds have been viewed more than 31 million times since the video was initially posted two-plus weeks ago. Apparently, this is what you get when you try to take a selfie too close to a passing train.

8. Harry Potter vs. Star Wars

Nothing puts nerds to the test more than pitting one sci-fi/fantasy series against another. In this video, fanboys face off in a literal representation of the battle between two of the most popular—and Joseph Campbell-informed—franchises of all time: Star Wars and Harry Potter.

7. Wheel of Misfortune

What does it feel like to lose a million dollars, a free car, and your dignity, all in 30 minutes of prime-time television? We have no idea, but feel free to ask Julian from Indiana University. The poor—literally and figuratively—Wheel of Fortune contestant managed to produce three epic fails in a single episode. There’s never been a more cringe-worthy performance on Wheel, which means there’s never been a more entertaining one.

6. Sloth Squeak!

OMG OMG OMG!!! Who knew shrieking baby sloths were this adorable? After watching this mashup of the slowest animals on earth, you’ll never go back to boring old cat videos.

5. Emma Stone’s Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon

If you didn’t already consider her the perfect woman, you will now. Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Emma Stone recently housed The Tonight Show host in a raucous lip sync duel. Fallon wasn’t too shabby himself, performing admirable renditions of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and Styx’s “Mr. Roboto.” But Stone brought down the house with passionately enthusiastic versions of “Hook” by Blues Traveler and “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled.

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4. April Fool’s Pregnancy Prank

This professor at Aquinas College in Michigan has a rule: if your phone rings in class, you must answer it on speakerphone. But he wasn’t prepared for this extremely personal call—and he was very relieved when he found out that it was a joke.

3. The Lion King Joins the Mile-High Club

On a flight from Brisbane to Sydney, Australia, cast member Toni Stewart captured this jaw-droppingly awesome impromptu performance of “Circle of Life” by the Australian cast of the musical The Lion King. Wow.

2. Burj Khalifa BASE Jump

It’s like a mini Michael Bay action flick—without the excessive explosions of course. Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen, members of the French BASE jumping team Soul Flyers, set a new world record after taking a dive off the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

1. Comic Flight Attendant

“Position your seatbelt tight and low across your hips, like my grandmother wears her support bra.” That’s just the tip of the comic iceberg for this Southwest Airlines flight attendant, who turns the typically stultifying safety speech into three minutes of mirth. Marty Cobb may not be as coarse as George Carlin in his legendary “Airline Announcements” bit, but she rivals his humor. And this video went so viral that Ellen DeGeneres invited Cobb for a special visit to The Ellen Show.