Aquino Criticizes Typhoon Response

Filipino president Benigno Aquino on Monday blamed local authorities for not preparing adequately for Typhoon Haiyan, which killed thousands when it flattened the city of Tacloban last week. At least 3,974 people died in the massive storm, and another 1,186 are missing while 500,000 have been left homeless. Aquino visited the city of Palo, just south of Tacloban, on Monday, saying “one is tempted to despair, but the minute I despair, then everybody, it cascades down and everybody gets hampered in their efforts.” Aquino praised the mayor of Guiuan, where Aquino said the early evacuation had prevented such devastation and only 100 people were killed. Meanwhile, the United Nations said getting relief aid to the isolated islands is a “logistical nightmare.”