AR-Ab Sides with Drake, Threatens to Unleash 'Shooters' on Meek Mill in New Diss Track

After being namechecked by Drake in “Back to Back” and dissed by Meek Mill, fellow Philly native AR-Ab has released his own threatening Meek Mill diss track. And AR-Ab has a very violent history.


On Drake’s vicious Meek Mill diss track “Back to Back,” the 28-year-old Canadian emcee rapped, “I waited four days, nigga, where y’all at? I drove here in the Wraith playin’ AR-Ab. I’m not sure what it was that really made y’all mad, but I guess this is what I gotta do to make y’all rap.”

Now, AR-Ab (real name: Abdul West) is an underground rapper from Meek Mill’s hometown of Philadelphia who’s been beefing with Meek for a minute, and is rumored to be signing with Drake’s OVO label. Following the release of “Back to Back,” AR-Ab tweeted the following in support of Drizzy:

Then, AR-Ab conducted an interview with Vlad TV proclaiming himself as the “top goon in Philly,” calling Drake’s “Back to Back” a “crazy-ass diss song” and branding Meek’s response, “Wanna Know,” subpar.“I’m not even gonna lie, after I heard it, I’m thinking—this can’t be it,” said AR-Ab. “Meek come from the Philly streets, I’m thinking there was gonna be some more shit. So we all was waiting like, that ain’t the end of it, this just the beginning of it. I thought there was gonna be like five fucking Drake disses out by now.”

Word got to Meek Mill, who announced, “Fuck AR-Ab!” at a recent show.

This prompted AR-Ab to release his own version of “Back to Back Freestyle” early Saturday morning:

“Damn dog, like I ain’t have nothin’ to do with this shit, Meek!” raps AR-Ab. “But you gonna go onstage out in Camden and say fuck me? Hey Meek, if it’s ‘fuck me’ it’s fuck you, nigga! Let’s play.” “Why you diss me? Need to diss Drake,” he continued. “That nigga killed you first, 48. Oh, I guess you tough ‘cause you not him. You lyin’ to the world like you not scared. You rappin’ ‘bout a life that is not yours. Went to jail for a gun that is not yours.”

In addition to the gun claim, AR-Ab hits Meek in the song with several allegations, including that Meek pays people for protection when he returns to their hometown of Philly, that there are snitches in his crew, and that Meek still owes locals money.

Drake’s war of words with Meek Mill has been deemed comical because it’s Drake—the former Degrassi star—but now that AR-Ab is involved and threatening to unleash “shooters” on Meek, things are getting a bit scary.After all, AR-Ab has a pretty dicey history. He was wanted by police for a 2005 Philly shooting that left one man dead and two injured (later found not guilty), and in 2011, survived 10 gunshot wounds. Two years later, he served 18 months in prison on charges related to crack cocaine.

Rapper 50 Cent agrees that things are getting serious, posting the following message to his Instagram early Saturday morning following the release of AR-Ab’s diss track: “This is what it looks like when it go's bad. AR-AB, they gonna have to kill this guy to stop him. He ain't got nothing to lose. Meek let drake get him in this shit. SMH I SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE IT's A Re- Run.”