Kate 'Cover'

Archive Picture of Kate Graces Vanity Fair's September Cover, No Interview or Shoot

Vanity Fair has clearly given up on getting Kate Middleton to do an interview with the magazine, so for its September issue they have stuck an archive picture of Kate at a Bafta event in LA last year on the cover.

Inside, there's a 'blockbuster' piece by Royal writer Katie Nicholl.

What's in the story? Well, here's some of what we are promised on the Vanity Fair website:

“There’s a happiness in the House of Windsor generally at the moment for the first time ever,” a royal pal tells Vanity Fair contributor Katie Nicholl in the September issue, part of a cover story on the Duchess of Cambridge’s undisputed status as Windsor crown jewel.

“Charles and Camilla are genuinely happy. William is happy because Charles is troubled less, and he has Kate to share his future with,” the friend adds. And while the pair have dazzled Britain and Olympic watchers the globe over with their Games-related appearances—Kate’s fashionable turn in Christopher Kane at the opening ceremony only confirms her status atop the 2012 International Best-Dressed List—they innately prefer a life out of the spotlight, one categorized by homey activities like cooking and walking puppy Lupo three times per day.

Nicholl gets their friends and those in their orbit talking for a blockbuster piece on Kate’s married life—revealing, among many other details, that:

Despite their lean physiques thanks to deerstalking, tennis, and Buckingham Palace swims, Will and Kate are foodies, and tuck in regularly to homemade roast chicken (Kate does the cooking and shopping, and employs no cook at their home on the Welsh island of Anglesey). They also own a sausage-maker (!) to make their own links, and for the holidays, Kate puts away jars of homemade strawberry jam and plum preserves to dole out as gifts. On the average day off, the pair just potter around, “making tea and toast,” per a family friend who recently swung by to find them living a simple home life on Anglesey...The duchess’s schedule requires up to five clothing changes per day. The rigorous outfit swapping attendant to royal protocol is said to stress out the duchess—not that the stress shows.