Are Drinking Rules Made to Be Broken?

This episode of Life Behind Bars looks at whether any of the modern drinking rules are worth keeping.

Courtesy Dylan + Jenny

From no standing at the bar to no yelling to no hats, over the last two decades, craft cocktail bars from coast to coast have been posting their own etiquette guidelines. But are any of these rules actually necessary or worth following?

To answer this question, Life Behind Bars hosts Noah Rothbaum and David Wondrich are joined by veteran Portland, Oregon, bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler, who just published Drinking Distilled: A User’s Manual.

Listen to the episode to find out if you need to change your behavior in bars.

Life Behind Bars features Half Full’s editor Noah Rothbaum and its Senior Drinks Columnist David Wondrich as they discuss the greatest bartenders and greatest cocktails of all time.

Edited by Alex Skjong

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