Who Knew?

Arrest of Chinese Artist Angers Gamblers

Human rights activists and art aficionados aren't the only groups angry at the arrest of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. American blackjack players are also upset. In addition to being a renowned artist and pro-democracy activist, Ai was also a rated blackjack player who got free suites and limos at the Atlantic City casinos he visited during his time living in New York. On the site blackjackchamp.com, a veteran blackjack player talks about his first meeting with Ai: “I was playing and losing bad, and then this Asian guy with a beard right out of the kung fu movies, playing next to me, starts telling me when to hit, split or stay.” According to the site, “casino insiders” are thinking of holding a series of fund-raising blackjack and poker tournaments to lobby the U.S. government to penalize China until Ai is released.