Ashton Kutcher, David Beckham, Strange Celebrity Affairs

With Ashton Kutcher and David Beckham under fire, on the heels of Tiger, Jesse James, and Britney, what on earth possesses celebrities to stray with paramours who don't measure up to their spouses? VIEW OUR GALLERY.

Jason Redmond / Reuters; Inset:

There she is on the cover of Star, looking oh-so-serious with her straight brown hair and her hazel-colored eyes. And there she is featured in People magazine, wearing a skin-tight T-shirt and leggings that show off a body that is pretty well taken care of. To be sure, Brittney Jones, 21, is nothing to sneeze at. But she’s also not half as accomplished or fabulous as Demi Moore.

And yet Star makes a fairly convincing case that Jones had an affair this summer with Moore’s husband, Ashton Kutcher.

Certainly that’s what Jones says happened in an on-the-record interview with the magazine.

Also she has a treasure trove of text messages stored on her phone that she provided to Star. They don’t exactly provide a smoking gun, but they strongly suggest something was going on.

Meanwhile, the denials from Kutcher’s lawyer, Marty Singer, seem pretty half-baked. “This is not the first, nor will it be the last time the tabloids engage in reckless conduct,” Singer tells Us magazine.

Which tells us what, exactly?

If the allegations are true, Kutcher would simply be the latest in a long line of celebrity cheaters who seem not to mind that their alleged paramours don’t exactly measure up to the women they have at home, both in terms of career accomplishment and pure physical beauty.

After all, it’s pretty hard to make the argument that Michelle “Bombshell” McGee was worth tossing away Jesse James’ marriage with Sandra Bullock.

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Ditto the various pancake hostesses, strippers, party promoters, and flight attendants with whom Tiger Woods stepped out on his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren. In the end, they cost him not just his marital bed but a reported nine-figure payout to his wife.

Indeed, the last year in celebrity cheating could practically be summed up with: What was he thinking?

“There are many factors that go into a man’s decision to cheat, and how a woman looks is just a factor,” says Gloria Allred, the power attorney who’s taken on the cause of many an other woman. “It’s not the only factor. Sometimes it’s just that the other person is there and they’ll do it. Men who cheat do not always wait for the most beautiful person to come along.”

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And she notes, “Those that cheat apparently are looking for something that they’re not getting or think they can’t get in their relationship with their spouse or significant other. Maybe what they’re looking for is just the thrill of a clandestine relationship, maybe they’re looking for variety, maybe they’re looking for a relationship that’s about pure sexual pleasure without responsibility because a continuing relationship is also a continuing commitment.”

Fine, but a certain amount of “what-the-&*()?” still seems justified. Have a look!

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