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Aura Is a Mindfulness App That Uses AI to Help You Meditate

It’s been recognized by Forbes, TechCrunch, and Product Hunt.

The new year usually brings about a new focus on physical health — but mental health deserves attention, too. Meditation practices as a tool for managing stress continues to increase in popularity, and with that have come technology to help you with your own practice. Aura is one of those apps, which was created by top meditation teachers and therapists.

Aura combines proven strategies with groundbreaking AI to deliver personalized mindfulness exercises to you on a daily basis. You can choose between different meditation lengths — three, seven or ten-minutes long — to best suit your schedule. Aura will even track your mood, so you can take note of any patterns that might pop up — and eventually, notice improvements that happen over time.

Aura is like having a meditation teacher with you all the time. You can get a year-long subscription to Aura Premium for $29.99 right now, or 68% off the usual $96 price tag.

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