Adam Winkler is a constitutional-law professor at UCLA.

Sharp Exchange

Supposedly Supreme Court justices are collegial even when they disagree on points of law. The Roberts-Sotomayor fight on affirmative action says otherwise.


The SEC avoided taking a stand on corporations having to disclose their political contributions. What it means for transparency in our democracy.

Another mass shooting, another round of calls for greater gun control, but guess what? Nothing will change. Adam Winkler on why the NRA is still winning on this issue.

In a recent speech Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that the Second Amendment was in part the right to revolt against tyranny. That’s just a plain wrong and dangerous view, writes Adam Winkler.

Good News, Bad News

The court’s promotion of gay marriage is like a shotgun wedding: done with reluctance and without the loving embrace of someone fully committed to the sacred union.

Voting Rights

Today’s Supreme Court decision was monumental in that it essentially finds discrimination has all but disappeared at the polls. It’s a big deal, and dead wrong, writes Adam Winkler.

A surprise move with the Supreme Court overturning a lower-court decision on affirmative action. Adam Winkler on the internal court politics behind the ruling and what it might reveal about Chief Justice John Roberts’s thinking.

Supreme Rejection

The Obama administration is about to end one of the worst years ever for the government winning cases at the Supreme Court. Adam Winkler explains why it’s not just the court’s anti-Obama politics.

The ATF has not had a confirmed director since 2006, and the next one is going to find an urgency with its hands tied because of the gun lobby. Adam Winkler on why they need to be freed to do their job.