Andrew Neil is a publisher and broadcaster working out of London, New York, Dubai, and the south of France. He is chairman and editor in chief of Press Holdings Media Group, publishers of The Spectator, Spectator Business, and Apollo.

Visiting the Gulf for the fourth time today, Obama's rhetoric against BP has only increased his anti-British credentials—and love-struck Brits are finally turning on him.

While the Iraq War Inquiry failed to hold the former prime minister’s feet to the fire, the British public will not let him off as easy—making Blair a stranger in his own land, perhaps for the rest of his life.

France will huff and puff at the G-20 sessions today. Germany will dig in its heels. But in the end, the U.S. and U.K. rule the global banking system—and they’ve pre-cooked a deal.

As the British government scrambles to adopt a new get-tough policy on Libya, Andrew Neil details the growing evidence, despite promises to the U.S., of a terrorist-for-oil swap.

There's no proof yet that the British government made a deal with Saif Gaddafi, but with schmoozing from Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, Andrew Neil says all signs point to a Bond-like deal.

Obama’s critics blast Britain’s health care as “socialized medicine,” stoking fears about substandard practices, lines, and rationed care. Andrew Neil says Brits are baffled by the distortions.

His tabs are accused of wiretapping major celebs and the editor who presided over two of his papers has just been promoted to run his entire British newspaper group. But Andrew Neil says no one seems to care.

All is not quite what is being claimed for the London summit, says Andrew Neil. In fact, the president didn’t get what he came for.

After he dines with the Queen, Obama faces an uphill fight against Sarkozy, Merkel, and other skeptical world leaders at G-20, Andrew Neil writes. Could this be where Obama finally comes down to earth?