Andrew Slater is an English lecturer at the American University of Iraq in Sulaimani.  His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Epiphany: A Literary Journal, and the anthology Fire and Forget by Da Capo Press.  He served as an infantry and special forces officer in both Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraqi Letters

These essays written by Iraqi students attending college in Kurdistan chronicle life in wartime for young people trying to study and survive in a country ripped apart by violence.


The last Christians have left one of their holiest cities, running from ISIS demands to become Muslim or be slain—but as a final indignity, their money and even crucifixes were stolen.


Before a shot was fired, rumors of ISIS led Iraqi forces to flee Tikrit. As the army fights to retake the city, it’s up against a force made more powerful by the initial retreat.

War Crimes

ISIS’s success in Mosul could have something to do with the Iraqi government putting a general accused of carrying out systematic torture in charge of the city’s security.

The Calm Before

Though ISIS is known for its brutal rule in Syria, many residents of the Iraqi city it just captured are so hostile to the Shia-led government in Baghdad, they have welcomed the group.

Iraq War

Iraqi security officials and locals around Mosul say that Kurdish forces have moved to block ISIS’ advance and are gaining ground west of the ISIS held city.

Syrian Soldier

A former Syrian soldier describes the awful reality of the Assad regime’s war to Andrew Slater.