In 2006, Ari Meisel was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an incurable disease of the digestive tract. His case was severe and required more than a dozen daily medications and several hospital visits. After reaching a low point in the hospital, he decided he would do everything in his power to strengthen his body. Through a combination of yoga, nutrition, natural supplements, and rigorous exercise (Ironman and Crossfit) he was able to fight back the symptoms of Crohn’s until he was finally able to suspend his medication. Eventually he was declared free of all traces of the “incurable” disease and competed in Ironman France in June 2011. He has since spoken at seminars and at a regional TED Talk about his struggle against a seemingly insurmountable opponent. Through the process of data collection, self-tracking, and analysis, he helped develop Less Doing, a way of dealing with the daily stresses of life by optimizing, automating, and outsourcing all his tasks in life and business. Now he focuses on Achievement Architecture, helping people be more effective at everything.


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