Bill Schulz was a writer, producer and co-host on Fox News Channel’s "Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld."

Love Supply and Demand

Cuba needs to copulate. Here’s how friends of Fidel, and other governments with population problems, try to encourage end-game intercourse.

Dog Day Afternoon

Ahead of the Super Bowl of competitive eating, the foremost mascot for face-stuffers offers a behind-the scenes look at the dog-downers. And you thought the eaters felt uncomfortable.


Evacuation Day was once gloriously celebrated for when the British finally left precious New York. Then we got all mushy for the Anglos. Screw Downton Abbey, let’s bring it back!

Clear Resemblance

HBO’s brutal Scientology takedown, Going Clear, and Ted Cruz’s presidential talking points have made one thing, well, clear: Both the Tea Party and Tom Cruise’s religion have a lot in common.

Wild & Crazy Beasts

From zebra finches to chimpanzees, ’tis the season for animals who’ve imbibed just a bit too much. (And we’re not talking about that embarrassing uncle of yours.)


The hardest working man in the center business is all-world in both the backcourt and background. A journey into the mind of Joakim Noah—the heart, soul and mouth of your Chicago Bulls.