Bob Simon is a correspondent for 60 Minutes, where he has been contributing regularly since 1996. His work has appeared on nearly every CBS News broadcast and has won 23 Emmys. He is also the recipient of a Peabody Award and four Overseas Press Club Awards.


The veteran CBS newsman, who invented the television interview and developed a reputation as a tough and fearless interrogator, was an inspiration in his prime and also in his last years, says colleague Bob Simon. Plus, Howard Kurtz on the legendary newsman.

Three hominids found in a cave in South Africa—the first by a paleoanthropologist’s 9-year-old son—will provide remarkable clues about where we came from, scientists tell 60 Minutes’ Bob Simon.

Shaun White represents one of the best chances for a U.S. gold at this year’s Winter Olympics. This Sunday on CBS, watch 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon follow the wunderkind up the highest skiable peak on the continent.

We know they never forget—but can they talk? 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon goes deep into the rainforest, where scientists have discovered elephants who speak in voices humans can’t even hear.