Brett O’Donnell is communications strategist and president at O’Donnell and Associates, Ltd. He was chief strategist for Michele Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign and assisted Mitt Romney in preparing for the Florida primary debate. He was director of debate for 18 years at Liberty University, leading the school’s team to numerous championships.

Expert Opinion

Obama won on points, but not by enough to change the basic narrative of the campaign. Ace debate coach Brett O’Donnell on Romney’s economic edge.

Debate Face-Off

While Romney took the fight to Obama, the president played it safe, avoiding clashing with the ideas advanced by the Republican nominee. Obama played not to lose—and lost, says Brett O’Donnell.


At last, the pregame show is over. Brett O’Donnell, America’s premier debate coach, on the key pivot points in the first Obama-Romney throwdown.