Brian Castner is a nonfiction writer, former Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer, and veteran of the Iraq War. He is the author of “All the Ways We Kill and Die,” forthcoming in the spring of 2016, and the war memoir “The Long Walk,” an Amazon Best Book of 2012. His writing has appeared at The New York Times, VICE, Wired, Foreign Policy, and on National Public Radio.

Far and Near

Veteran James Pitre takes the measure of modern warfare both up close and from a reserved distance in his debut novel, Fives and Twenty-Fives.

Invisible Wounds

Thanks to a new invention, we’re finally learning how to diagnose and treat the lingering affects of explosive events that have led to a mass of traumatic brain injuries in veterans.

Aim True

With his new collection of short stories Redeployment, Marine Corps veteran Phil Klay has written brilliant, true, and winning fiction on the Iraq War, writes Brian Castner.


From the frontlines of America’s war in Afghanistan a Yale graduate turned Army warrior reflected on his experience in letters home. Now he’s put those letters together and they reveal a man comforted by the trivial and questioning why he is there.


The founder and CEO of controversial military contractor Blackwater is out to defend his record and celebrate his success in his new memoir, but veteran and military contractor Brian Castner says that the book misses the big questions here.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day commemorates those who were killed while serving in the armed forces, but Brian Castner hopes that we will remember those who survived injuries but might not have if not for bomb suits, armors, and other advances. His book The Long Walk is now out in paperback.

War and Peace

Iraq war vet Brian Castner considers his own experience of returning from war and arming himself to protect his family.