Choire Sicha is co-proprietor of The Awl and is at work on a nonfiction book for HarperStudio.

Sex and violence fuel the libidinal, careening, hugely popular teen vampire soap, now in its second season. Choire Sicha visits a Miami mall to watch fans swoon over the lead actors.

Mad Men and Modern Family came out tops on TV's most glamorous night—with Glee, despite the hype, nabbing just two awards. Choire Sicha on the show's new cool quotient, plus see red-carpet fashions.

The director of Centurion talks to Choire Sicha about the movie that made him want to be a director, the misery of turning 40, and his upcoming film about people who burst into flame.


After the extremely unlikely success of MTV's "guido" docusoap, the cast has cashed in on its outsized newfound fame—"Let's just say it's a situation," says the show's creator.

The backlash against SATC2 was evident in its overly vicious reviews last week—Choire Sicha says misplaced money rage has caused us wrongly to turn against Carrie and the gang.

Amid a Facebook backlash, Choire Sicha nabs an illicit copy of Aaron Sorkin's screenplay about the site—and finds its founder portrayed as a selfish, sexist backstabber.

The late-night rivals squared off this weekend: Leno with Obama and O'Brien on 60 Minutes. Who came out on top?

It's not even April, but Choire Sicha is ready to declare that Julianne Moore's sexually explicit Chloe—lesbian noir meets Fatal Attraction—is the most outrageous film of 2010.

Kathryn Bigelow nabbed a historic Oscar for best director, and the war film picked up six Academy Awards, four more than Avatar. Choire Sicha on the big night.

Avatar and The Hangover were among the night's winners. Choire Sicha live-blogged Hollywood's most drunken awards ceremony. Plus, VIEW OUR GALLERY of the show's best moments.