Christopher Bray is the biographer of Sean Connery and Michael Caine. He has just completed a book on the British cultural revolution of the Sixties. He writes for the Wall Street Journal, New Republic, FT, Observer and Mail on Sunday.


Scott Eyman’s new life of the actor John Wayne portrays an extremely complicated man who invented his own public persona and played it beautifully.

New Biography

Now that the Hollywood bad boy is taking on fewer roles, it seems the perfect time for a great biography to salute him. Instead, we have Marc Eliot’s dismal effort.

In the Shadow of Jew Süss

A new book makes big claims for how Hollywood collaborated with Nazi censorship before World War II, but Christopher Bray says hold on.

Citizen Welles

That was Orson Welles’s response to most people. Christopher Bray on a new book that presents the director at his maddening best.