David A. Graham is an associate editor at The Atlantic, and a former political reporter for Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

A presidential candidate’s final speech can often be the way an entire campaign is remembered—and Herman Cain quoted the Pokémon movie. David A. Graham on why that’s the perfect way for the GOP hopeful to go out.

Barely (or not at all) recovered from their Michigan debate, the candidates reconvene in South Carolina tonight. From how Perry and Cain can survive to Gingrich’s possible dominance, David A. Graham on what to watch.

The CNBC debate kicks off tonight in the shadow of the Cain circus. Will the other candidates ignore the elephant in the room, and will Gingrich finally reach the top tier? David A. Graham on what to look for. Plus join Howard Kurtz for a live chat during the debate, starting at 8pm ET.