David Roth is a staff writer at SB Nation and a co-founder of The Classical. He’s from New Jersey and lives in New York.


David Roth wonders why Major League Baseball is pursuing the HGH case so vigorously.

Jersey Boy

The New Jersey governor epitomizes Jersey style from tough guy Tony Soprano to football coach Bill Parcells, but running a state is different than TV or a football game. Just ask Fort Lee.

Captain Goes Down

Derek Jeter’s bad break deserves fans’ sympathy, writes David Roth—but it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving organization.

The WAC could be the first Division I conference to drop football since the Southwest Conference in 1995, writes David Roth. The SWC disappeared entirely a year later.

Jeré Longman’s New York Times takedown of the track star was an over-the-top, personal attack fueled by the writer’s dislike for the Olympics, says David Roth.