A former Washington, DC TV news producer, Debra A. Klein has contributed personal essays and features about places she once never knew existed to: The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler, Travel and Leisure, and Newsweek magazines, as well as The Little Brown Reader, 9th Edition and The New York Times Practical Guide to Practically Everything, among other publications.


It’s official: the organic movement has infiltrated our bars. But whether or not your martini is made from organic, kosher, locally-sourced vodka, it still isn’t “healthy” for you.

Island with a Past

On the bucolic island of St. Kitts, the scenery masks a complex history often kept secret, including the island's role in the birth of the slave trade and its connections to an American president.

Pomp & Circumstance

To kick off the Commonwealth Games, a baton standing in for the Queen travels the globe with a special message from the regent to her (former) subjects, who give it the royal treatment.

Island Hopping

Before the great recession, Anguilla was a favorite for celebrities who wanted to disappear. Then the market crashed. Now the island is coming back, bigger and more luxurious than ever.


Escaping from home. Joining a cult. Inheriting a vineyard. What may sound like fiction was the real life of a Japanese immigrant who became the largest winemaker in California.

Interactive Art

Most works of art convey a specific message from the artist. But at David Best’s new temple in Sonoma County, visitors help build the piece out of their own memories of love and loss.

The Abalone Craze

The locavore craze has gone beyond just a trendy activity. In California, tourists have been pitted against career foragers, causing problems for wild mushrooms and abalone.

Art Basel

South Beach may host the main Art Basel events, but artists are flocking to Miami’s up-and-coming Wynwood neighborhood, with its galleries, street art, and people watching.