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Hsiu-Ying Tseng was an L.A.-area general practitioner and known ‘pill pusher.’ Now she’s facing second-degree murder charges after at least eight of her patients overdosed and died.


With public opinion of medical professionals at an all-time low, an anonymous essay exposing disturbing doctor behavior may have dealt the final blow.

Hippocratic Fail

While her patient was asleep, a Virginia anesthesiologist unloaded a toxic verbal assault—and while courts are making her pay, she’s still practicing medicine.


Despite what you see on Game of Thrones, a knife wound to the stomach does not an instant and mortal blow make. A trauma surgeon on what the show gets wrong about death.


After Candace broke her neck in a car accident, doctors prescribed OxyContin. When her insurance fell through, the single mother of two found something cheaper for the pain: heroin.