Author Doug Peacock has been writing about and defending grizzly bears for the past four decades. He lives just north of Yellowstone National Park. Read his latest at


A government proposal to remove the grizzly bear from the list of endangered species would surely condemn the species to almost certain slaughter.

Dangerous Ground

Federal officials defied their own rules in killing the mother bear behind this month’s Yellowstone tragedy. The lives of the endangered species are about to get even cheaper.


Yellowstone grizzly bears face the two greatest threats to their survival in our lifetime: global warming and the U.S. government. Between them they could wipe the bears out.


How one bureaucrat’s climate denial overruled wildlife scientists and put the Northern Rockies species on the road to extinction.


On the even of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, conservative congressmen, theorists, and even Outside magazine seem eager to destroy what’s left of the wild in America.


At last, archeologists have resolved the debate over the first Americans (hint: they walked). Then they screwed up a perfectly good answer to an ancient puzzle.