Edward Jay Epstein is the author of Myths of the Media.

Some feeder funds, which directed money Bernie Madoff's way, ended up hundreds of millions of dollars in the black. So why are they claiming ignorance of his crimes—or worse, describing themselves as “the greatest Madoff victim”?

Why did Quadrangle Group, run by Steven Rattner whom the president has chosen as the auto industry’s fix-it man, have a subsidiary buy the DVD rights to Chooch, a movie co-produced by a pension-fund official? It’s among the many things New York's attorney general needs to figure out.

Eliot Spitzer wants to know if the bailout of AIG was an inside deal among Goldman Sachs, the Treasury, and the Fed. Edward Jay Epstein, who has been unraveling conspiracy theories since the Warren Commission, examines the evidence.

When Yale’s endowment fund was soaring, other Ivies rushed to copy the “alternative investment strategy” of chief investment officer David Swensen. Now those funds are a shadow of their former size—and it may be months before we know the full extent of the damage.