Ellen Knickmeyer is a former Washington Post bureau chief in Baghdad and Cairo. Before coming to the Post, she was the West Africa bureau chief for The Associated Press. This year, she graduated from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Recent revelations by WikiLeaks show how top American leaders lied, knowingly, to the American public, to American troops, and to the world. Ellen Knickmeyer on the carnage she saw as Baghdad bureau chief.

As the U.S. military moves in on al Qaeda in Yemen, residents tell Ellen Knickmeyer they fear they’re the next target of an American invasion. Plus, our complete coverage of the anniversary .

No one knows what will happen after the last U.S. troops leave Iraq. But as Ellen Knickmeyer explains, many of Saddam’s former subjects are already girding for catastrophe.

When President Obama dumped Gen. Stanley McChrystal, replacing him with Gen. David Petraeus, he picked a media savvy commander. Ellen Knickmeyer recalls meeting Petraeus in Iraq, and offers her assessment.