Born and brought up in London, Emma studied English at Oxford University. She worked in Psychology publishing before becoming a full-time writer and journalist. She writes for The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, The Daily Mail, Harper's Bazaar, Grazia, Red, Psychologies and The Sun. She was a finalist for Journalist of the Year in the Mind Awards 2012, among other awards.

Emma was the co-presenter on Channel 4’s Supersize vs Superskinny, and recently gave the acclaimed Radio 4 Four Thought lecture. Other media appearances include Newsnight, Woman’s Hour, Channel 5 and Radio 4.

Her first book, An Apple a Day: A Memoir of Love and Recovery from Anorexia was published in 2012 and has been published around the world. Her next book, The Ministry of Thin: How the Pursuit of Perfection Got Out of Control came out in June 2013. Emma is the great-niece of Virginia Woolf.You can follow Emma on Twitter: @ejwoolf.

Body Image

It’s the internal policeman that says you shouldn’t have eaten that ice cream last night. It’s the billion-dollar industry making money off of your body dissatisfaction. It’s the Ministry of Thin and it’s become a destructive Holy Grail for women.

Ah, Paris

Need a break from the bustle and grime of city life? The French capital and its surrounding countryside still offer one of the most charming getaways on the planet.

Plastic Nation

Did Nicole Kidman have a ‘suspiciously’ smooth face at Cannes? Either way, all women lose when we critique stars for looking too young…or not young enough.

Bard Mania

As the British capital marks Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, visitors and locals alike have the chance to enjoy a marathon production of Henry IV and a once-in-a lifetime museum show.