Dan Ephron has been Newsweek's Jerusalem bureau chief since January 2010. Previously, he served as a national-security correspondent and deputy bureau chief for the magazine in Washington. His stories have also appeared in The Boston Globe, The New Republic, and Esquire.

Taking Sides

Women want to sing next to Judaism’s holiest site. Ultra-Orthodox caretakers want them to shut up. By Dan Ephron


The nation knew that a strike on Syria could trigger retaliation from Assad, Hezbollah, or Iran. By Dan Ephron.


Israel attacked a convoy of trucks at the Syrian border overnight—and speculation is rife that the target was a shipment of heavy, or perhaps even biological or chemical, weapons meant for Hezbollah.


The recent Israeli election bolstered the center. Just don’t expect any change. By Dan Ephron.

Israel Elections

Despite some losses for his party, Netanyahu appears to have retained his top spot. But centrists saw a surprising surge, writes Dan Ephron.


As Israelis vote in parliamentary elections, Benjamin Netanyahu seems poised to win a third term. By Dan Ephron


Just ahead of the national election, a potentially game-changing revelation: security chiefs apparently didn’t trust the motives of the Israeli leaders.