Eric Herschthal, a history doctoral student at Columbia University, has written for The New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic, and elsewhere.


Who should get the most credit for ending slavery in America and Great Britain? A landmark new book argues that blacks did far more for their own emancipation than previously appreciated.


In the American Revolution a woman named Deborah Samson donned men’s clothes and fought the British. Now transgender novelist Alex Myers has told her story and explores sexual identity in the 18th century.

United We Stand

When historian Simon Winchester became American, he decided to set out to understand how the country developed. His new book tells the story of the men who shaped and united America. He talks to Eric Herschthal about what he found.

Not Just the South

Was slavery just as harmful in its benign form in the colonial North as it was in the prerevolutionary South? Eric Herschthal on a new history.

Plantation Blues

Barbados presaged all British slave settlements. Andrea Stuart talks to Eric Herschthal about the island’s—and her family’s—tormented history.