Gary May is professor of history emeritus at the University of Delaware and the author of Bending Toward Justice: The Voting Rights Act and the Transformation of American Democracy.


Beginning with the televised debate between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon, the perceived winner of the presidential debates has gone on to occupy the White House.

Debate Fodder

The Republican presidential candidates have a lot to answer for regarding their shameful record on voting rights. Here are some questions for Thursday’s GOP debate.


Fifty years ago this week, thousands in the Civil Rights movement set out from Selma, Alabama, to march to Montgomery, and this time, triumphantly, they made it.


The racist violence in Selma, Alabama, 50 years ago lives in history as ‘‘Bloody Sunday,’’ but do not forget the February night of vigilantism in Marion that inspired the Selma March.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s efforts to eliminate the poll tax would in the end help poor whites as much as it did disenfranchised blacks.