Gary Sick served on the National Security Council staff under Presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan. He was the principal White House aide for Iran during the Iranian Revolution and the hostage crisis and is the author of two books on U.S.-Iranian relations. Mr. Sick is a captain (ret.) in the U.S. Navy, with service in the Persian Gulf, North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Far from succeeding, the Iranian regime's deadly crackdown has inspired the opposition. Gary Sick on how the Green Movement can seize its next opportunity—and turn its rebellion into a revolution.

Tehran’s missile test triggers calls for sanctions—just the latest flash point in what promises to be a tense month ahead. Gary Sick on what to watch for as Iran’s dissidents turn up the heat.

Ahmadinejad’s grip is slipping. The ayatollah is losing ground. And the military is on the rise. Gary Sick on how Obama should handle the aftershocks of a political earthquake.

In removing the Taliban and Saddam, the Bush administration effectively elevated Iran to regional superpower—and left Sunnis worried that Iraq would become an Iranian colony. But Gary Sick sees a different shift in the region.

The Ahmadinejad regime just hit an Iranian-American scholar with a 15-year prison sentence. The Daily Beast’s Gary Sick on his role in the case—and why it’s proof of Tehran’s moral bankruptcy.

The Geneva nuclear talks were just baby steps along a long and perilous path. Still, this was a historic moment after 30 years of mutual recriminations and hyperbole.

The bombshell discovery of an Iranian nuclear facility and this weekend’s weapons test rewrite all the rules for the negotiations with the U.S., writes Gary Sick—and ratchet up the stakes.

For nearly two decades, Israel and the U.S. have warned about Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the need to “do something” preemptively. With Ahmadinejad at the U.N., Gary Sick argues for a safer response.

The mass trials of opposition prisoners under way this week remind Gary Sick of the forced confessions and other abuses of Stalinist Russia and Maoist China.

Iran’s supreme leader may have the most exalted title, but Gary Sick says the Islamic republic’s real engine is the Revolutionary Guard. They run the economy, own major industries, and brutalize their foes—and Khamenei almost never contradicts them.