Geoff Berkshire lives in Los Angeles and writes about film and television. His work has appeared in Variety, the Los Angeles Times, and Premiere magazine, among other publications. He is the former national entertainment editor and film critic for

The Other Creature

Eighteen years after her breakout performance as a teen killer in Heavenly Creatures, Melanie Lynskey plays a romantic lead in the new movie Hello I Must Be Going.

But, Really

The rap against the brooding ‘Twilight’ star and estranged Kristen Stewart boyfriend is that he can’t act. ‘Cosmopolis’ may change that, says Geoff Berkshire.

Straight Talk

In a roundtable discussion hosted by The Daily Beast, the four female stars of Whit Stillman’s new film—his first in 12 years—talk about what it was like working for the acclaimed director, how the film sent them all back to dancing school, and the (slightly) warmer climate for women in films today.