Gerald Posner is former chief investigative reporter for The Daily Beast. He's the award-winning author of 10 investigative nonfiction bestsellers, on topics ranging from political assassinations, to Nazi war criminals, to 9/11, to terrorism. His latest book, Miami Babylon: Crime, Wealth and Power—A Dispatch from the Beach, was published in October. He lives in Miami Beach with his wife, the author Trisha Posner.

With Conrad Murray now expected to be indicted in the death of Michael Jackson, meet the tattooed former prosecutor from Houston who will seek to keep the doctor out of jail.

Will the L.A. District Attorney’s office blow yet another big case? Gerald Posner on the internal battles that helped delay the charges expected against Dr. Conrad Murray today.

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Monday’s attacks in Kabul showed again how the Afghan president is barely holding on to power. Gerald Posner on a new book’s untold story of how Karzai gambled to liberate his country by teaming up with the Green Berets.

For Tiger’s alleged mistress, partying is family business. Gerald Posner reveals her grandfather’s secret Mafia ties (and the hit put on his life). Plus, PHOTOS of Uchitel nightlife, then and now.

While Google weighs exiting China, a classified FBI report says that country has already developed a massive cyberarmy attacking the U.S. with “WMD-like” destruction capabilities.

Afghan spy officials tell The Daily Beast’s Gerald Posner that the chemical fingerprint of the bomb that killed seven CIA agents matches the kind produced by Pakistani intelligence.

Intelligence experts have heard chatter for months about the explosive allegedly used by the underwear bomber. So why has the U.S. cut back on machines that detect it?