Gina Tron is freelance writer and reporter who has contributed to The Washington Post, VICE, Politico, Ladygunn and others. Her first book You’re Fine. came out in 2014 and she is working on a fiction novel.


I never would’ve known I had breast cancer if I hadn’t gone to Planned Parenthood last year. Now Republicans want to shut down an organization that saved my life.


Kayden Clarke was killed by police after threatening suicide in his own home, prompting action from advocacy groups. Clarke said he’d tried ‘suicide by cop’ before and service dog workers who’d helped him were ‘scared for [their] life.’

Ungodly Hour

The casket and more than 150 friends and family members were forced to move across the street. When they picketed for their money back, passersby told friends to go to hell. And they still don’t have their money back.