Huang Hung is a columnist for China Daily, the English language newspaper in China. She is also an avid blogger with more than 100 million page views on her blog on

As Hu Jintao visits the U.S.—and for a month after—China is running promotional spots on six giant screens in Times Square. Daily Beast China correspondent Huang Hung on why it’s laughable.

A bizarre spate of stabbings at schools across the country has left children dead and wounded. Daily Beast China correspondent Huang Hung reports on why the public is blaming the press for the violence.

After several attacks on children in schools and kindergartens in China, the government has done little to address the issue of mental illness. Huang Hung on the price of silence.

When 115 miners were rescued after eight days trapped underground, the country cheered. But with the government keeping the victims’ names a state secret, Chinese bloggers are starting to question the miracle.

Why do Hu Jintao’s own countrymen know so little about their president? As he meets with President Obama at the nuclear summit, Daily Beast China correspondent Huang Hung reports on a man so strict he can’t even be Googled in his own country.

The dumping of 21 dead fetuses and babies is the latest sign that the Chinese have lost all respect for human life, says Daily Beast China correspondent Huang Hung.

An Internet ban, nationally subsidized movie theaters, paid time off for women during that time of the month—the ridiculous legislation proposed in parliament this year finally has people questioning “the Chinese way.”

The Daily Beast's China correspondent Huang Hung says the search giant should be applauded for standing up against censorship—but any Internet-savvy Chinese person can get around the government’s firewalls.