Jake Heller is a reporter and video producer based in New York City. You can see his work here. Tweet at him @HellerJake or email him at jakegheller [at] gmail [dot] com.

They're the unheralded players fighting for a spot on the team. The Zamboni drivers cleaning the ice. The construction workers building the outdoor rinks. In this exclusive web video series, meet the NHL's unsung players and crews.

Reporter Scott Simon made headlines this summer when he began tweeting from his dying mother’s bedside. He recorded those tweets for this Daily Beast animation.

Watch This

George Zimmerman is a free man. From a thanks for putting hoodies up to Al Sharpton saying this is an ‘atrocity,’ watch video of reactions to the verdict.


Hoards of marriage equality supporters flocked to the heart of Greenwich Village Wednesday night. Jake Heller films the scene.

Cleveland Hero

He came to McDonald’s. He saw a woman in need. He conquered our hearts. See the best TV moments of Charles Ramsey, the man who helped save the three woman kidnapped in Ohio. Plus, Abby Haglage on Cleveland’s Superman.