James Carroll's recent book is Practicing Catholic, a story of American belief. He is a columnist for the Boston Globe and Distinguished-Scholar-in-Residence at Suffolk University. His other books include An American Requiem, which won the National Book Award, House of War, winner of the PEN-Galbraith Award, and Constantine's Sword, now an acclaimed documentary.

The pope's endorsement of condom use to prevent AIDS was a big step forward for the church, but the appointment of Timothy Dolan as the head of U.S. bishops shows it's not over its old ways. James Carroll on Dolan's challenge.

The end of General McChrystal’s tenure can give President Obama the opening he needs to do what’s right: End the war in Afghanistan.

News that the Army misplaced remains at Arlington horrified veterans. James Carroll on the cemetery where his parents are buried and its problematic place in the American conscience.

Why did evangelicals and Sarah Palin flip when the Pentagon disinvited Islamophobe Franklin Graham from its prayer day event? James Carroll examines the roots of American Christian nationalism.

If Republicans insist on obstructing a new nuclear treaty with Russia, they could set off another Cold War. James Carroll on their dangerous game.

Europe is now being wracked by fresh priest-abuse scandals, much like the United States was 10 years ago. James Carroll on how the Catholic Church aided and abetted the offenders.

The murder of a Hamas leader by 17 assassins in a hotel room could have been ripped from a movie. James Carroll laments  targeted killings inspired by the big screen.

A major poll probing American prejudices toward Islam show that the best way to find out if a person hates Muslims is to find out if he also hates Jews.

It’s shocking that a Democrat lost the Massachusetts Senate race. Unless you consider that Martha Coakley is a woman—and her home state historically treats female candidates like dirt.

Christian evangelicals helped spur Uganda to seek the death penalty for gay behavior—just the latest indication that homosexuals have replaced Jews as the new target for reactionary religious zeal.