Jen Vafidis is the deputy editor of Vol. 1 Brooklyn. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Vice, The Rumpus, and Guernica. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. Follow her on Twitter @jenvaf.

Miracle of Miracles

The Strange Power of ‘Fiddler’

What is it about Sholem Aleichem’s stories of a poor milkman in the shtetl that has audiences bewitched for nearly 50 years after the smash musical debuted on Broadway? Jen Vafidis on a new cultural history of Fiddler.

Fiction Only

This Week’s Hot Reads

From a book steeped in all the strange junk that we’re obsessed with in the contemporary world to a novel of the Cold War experience told through ghost stories.

Renata Adler

A Reporter On the Scene

Renata Adler only wrote two novels, but they establish her as the chronicler of an ossified generation unable to move forward. By Jen Vafidis.