Jesse Ellison is a freelance journalist and former staff writer and articles editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

Man's Best Friend

Jesse Ellison reports on the ways social media, shelters, and new legislation helped pets get rescued after the storm.


While the U.S. has spent billions on translators, who often place themselves and their families at risk to work with coalition forces, just 50 Afghan translators have received visas this year, reports Jesse Ellison.


A seemingly inane question asked by a New York Times reporter of Tippi Hedren last week led to an online frenzy about the definition of misogyny, cyber-meanness and the role of media. Jesse Ellison says it’s a lot to take in.

Sexual Assault

After both men were assaulted on the same night by a staff sergeant, who infected them with HIV, they had to fight. One of the men shares their story for the first time, with The Daily Beast’s Jesse Ellison.

A provocative new book from feminist writer Jessica Valenti asks Why Have Kids? It’s a question Jesse Ellison has asked herself and she hoped Valenti would have answers.

Domestic Extremism

A U.S. Army soldier’s revelation that his group, FEAR, planned terrorist attacks at home underscores the growing threat of domestic extremism. By Jesse Ellison.

Researchers and analysts who’ve studied the ties between military service and right-wing extremism weren’t surprised by Wade Michael Page’s attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Jesse Ellison reports.