Joe Concha is a media and pop-culture analyst who regularly appears on CNN and Fox News. He’s written for Mediaite,, and The New York Times.

Sad Spectacle

The paper and its former executive editor have been spinning furiously since her abrupt dismissal, and the paper has been left diminished by the spectacle.

Jimmy in the Middle

From slow jamming the news with Obama to playing musical instruments with Palin, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show has become the late night destination for red and blue alike.

Above the Law

Putin’s reviving a Stalin-era fitness program to toughen up Russians—with help from Steven Seagal. Why do today’s strongmen have such a weakness for our washed-up celebrities?


Today’s widespread use of social media has outed fraternities’ ‘Animal House’-like cruelty on pledges, causing one house to ban the age-old ritual with more sure to follow.


Mark Johnston says it’s not his fault that he blew $500,000 gambling while he was blind drunk. It’s the latest foolhardy case against the houses that never seem to lose.

War Games

The majority of Americans are on the same page when it comes to military involvement overseas: Unless our national interests are at stake, stay out of it.

Foul Players

From DUI’s to domestic abuse and disorderly conduct, no matter how out of bounds football players go off the field, fans are still game to place bets for them winning big on it.

From dirty water to a malfunctioning snowflake, Sochi has had its fair share of problems—but so did Turin, and Beijing and Munich before it. Quit your complaining and root for the participating world, will ya?