Jonah Mutono has been making music for years, but one thing has always been conspicuously missing from his releases: his real name. He went by the pseudonym Kidepo—after a region of Uganda, the country of his ancestry, and his recent on-and-off home.

Home is a slippery concept for Jonah Mutono. The 25-year-old musician was born in London before his parents moved to Philadelphia to pursue their career; the family returned to their native Uganda nine years later after struggling to find a sense of belonging in the United States.

GERG is an album that blends R&B and pop and the avant-garde. It is Jonah’s music reborn. The songs go further into his reality than they ever have before, detailing the beginning, middle, and end of this intense relationship. GERG brings Jonah’s experience of self-discovery to light—the good and the bad, the beautiful, the challenging, the sacred and the profane—in songs as revealing as they are captivating.