Joseph C. Wilson IV served for 23 years in the US Foreign Service, including as Ambassador to Gabon and Sao Tomé and Principe. After publication of his article, “What I Didn’t Find in Africa,” in the New York Times debunking the Bush administration’s rationale for the Iraq War, his wife’s identity as a covert CIA office was betrayed by senior administration officials. He is also the author of The Politics of Truth.

The Pelosi briefing revelations underscore the cloud hanging over the past eight years. Former Ambassador Joe Wilson says a reticent President Bush should greet a torture probe with three familiar words: Bring it on!

Dick Cheney has called for declassifying memos he claims will vindicate the Bush administration’s torture policy. Now former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV urges the former vice president to extend his demand for transparency to his still-secret testimony in the Scooter Libby obstruction of justice case.

Joseph C. Wilson IV, who served in the U.S. Foreign Service for 23 years and is married to Valerie Plame, the covert CIA officer unmasked by Bush administration officials, on watching the end of eight years of “radical rule.”