Joseph Finder is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous novels including Vanished and most recently, Buried Secrets. Visit his Web site.

One book explains Lee Harvey Oswald’s motivations in assassinating John F. Kennedy better than any other—and it’s been out of print for decades. Joseph Finder salutes the careful reporting of Priscilla Johnson McMillan’s Marina and Lee, and why there isn’t a conspiracy in sight.

Is there a more literary game than baseball? Novelist Joseph Finder hails an entertaining new companion to America's favorite pastime.

Three former CIA directors have privately told their successor he had his facts wrong when he revealed an illegal assassination program, reports Joseph Finder, and his spies will suffer for it.

Nick Heller and the head of a corporate-espionage agency clash over an international case that may involve the disappearance of Heller’s brother, in an excerpt from Joseph Finder’s new thriller.

The case surrounding Fidel’s alleged mole, says spy novelist Joseph Finder, is less important for the breach—Cuba?—than the huge security hole it exposes at the lie detector-averse State Department.

We're seeing a kabuki dance of outrage, writes spy novelist Joseph Finder. We want the CIA to do our dirty work until we don't, and then we want them to take the fall.