Joyce Tang is the former outreach editor for The Daily Beast. Her work has appeared in Mother Jones and The Miami Herald.

More than 100 people have been injured in Barcelona after riot police fired blanks into a crowd of demonstrators. The violence represents a boiling point of tensions between protesters and police. For the past two weeks, the rallies over skyrocketing unemployment and the country’s economic crisis have been relatively quiet. See shocking photos and videos below.

Worksheets, computers—America's hypercompetitive education system is trickling down to preschool. But growing research shows that pushing academics at an early age can backfire, writes Joyce C. Tang.

Mike Huckabee says she “glamorizes” out-of-wedlock pregnancy and critics are bristling over her starry-eyed view of motherhood. Has Natalie Portman’s precociousness finally caught up with her?

Maci, Farrah, Amber, and Catelynn have morphed from cautionary examples to celebrity magazine staples, but MTV isn’t extending them the red carpet. Joyce C. Tang on the balancing act between morality tale and entertainment juggernaut.

Does your child get enough sleep? Does your baby drink formula? New research suggests that our blueprint for obesity is established very early in life. Joyce C. Tang on how a toddler’s habits can predict whether he’ll be a fat adult.

This week, Bill O'Reilly slammed Jennifer Aniston's new movie about a single woman who undergoes artificial insemination. Joyce C. Tang breaks down the science to see whether he has a point.


Has MTV's hit show become a gateway for ethnic reality TV? Joyce C. Tang talks exclusively to the producers and cast of K-Town about the likelihood of an Asian invasion.