Keith Phipps lives in Chicago and is the editorial director of The Dissolve.


I know you are, but what am I? Is Pee-wee a timeless entertainer or a throwback for Gen Xers who want to see a childhood hero grown up and ironically knocking back shots?

Creative Inspiration

Is Led Zeppelin guilty of plagiarizing its most iconic song? ‘Stairway to Heaven’ would hardly be the first time the band faced legal action for borrowing too liberally.

Spark of Potential

PlectrumElectrum and Art Official Age show Prince’s willingness to shape his material into coherent and compelling albums that’s been absent for a while. He's not coasting anymore.

Insidious is by the Saw team, but it’s the bloodless opposite of torture porn. Keith Phipps on why Saw’s ultraviolence spoke to us then, and why Insidious’ creepiness speaks to us now.

Despite the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot’s huge $32 million haul this weekend, Keith Phipps asks Hollywood to stop dragging yesterday’s monsters into a world they’re ill-equipped to scare.