Kevin Fixler is a writer in Denver and holds a master's from University of California, Berkeley. His work has appeared in Sports IllustratedThe Atlantic, and Yahoo!.

Last Stand

With no obvious successor in place, 32-year-old Serena Williams, the oldest woman to ever hold the No. 1 world ranking, is one of the lone links to America's past dominance.


From 38-year-old Peyton Manning to 43-year-old Teemu Selanne, today’s athletes refuse to fade into the sunset. How the pros are prolonging their careers. (Hint: It’s not steroids.)

March Madness

Oklahoma State’s basketball tournament legacy is rooted in one of the game’s first 7-footers, forgotten luminary Bob Kurland.

Sochi Sweetheart

She’s the adorably blond, red lipstick-wearing teen who may be America’s best chance at ending a drought in ladies figure skating.

No Medal

There will be no India in Sochi. A luger, cross country skier, and alpine skier will compete under a stock Olympic flag after the nation was suspended from the Sochi games.

Here Comes Sochi

Track and field star Lolo Jones may earn a spot on the Olympic bobsled squad after only one year of training. Was Cool Runnings right about how easy sliding sports are?

Truth Hurts

One book will change the way you view the NFL and the price players pay for your enjoyment and dollars. By Kevin Fixler.

Battle of the Sexes, Volume 2

Forty years after Billie Jean King’s ‘Battle of the Sexes’ tennis match, the question returns: can an unstoppable force on the women’s side beat a man?

We Are the Champions

Not a Heat or Spurs fan? Then you’ve lost. Kevin Fixler on a new book that looks at why we go back for more when the odds are so low.